Employee Directory

Benkelman Elementary - 308.423.2216
Stratton Elementary - 308.276.2281
Jr.-Sr. High School - 308.423.2738

Administration and Office Staff
  Name  (& Link to Web Page) Position E-mail Address Phone
Superintendent Rick Haney Mr. Rick Haney Superintendent rhaney@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Elementary Principal Mike Rotherham Mr. Michael Rotherham Elementary Principal mrotherham@dcstigers.org Benkelman 308.423.2216 or Stratton
Mr. Ethan Sullivan Mr. Ethan Sullivan Jr.-Sr. High School Principal & AD esullivan@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Mrs. Kylee Forch Mrs. Kylee Forch District Counselor kforch@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Stacey Waters Ms. Stacey Waters Business Manager swaters@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Crissy Latta Mrs. Crissy Latta District & Activities Secretary/Purchasing Agent clatta@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Jody Crouse Mrs. Jody Crouse High School Secretary jcrouse@dcstigers.org 308.423.2738
Mrs. Vicky Hanes Mrs. Vicky Hanes Benkelman Elementary Secretary vhanes@dcstigers.org 308.423.2216
Mrs. Katy Ladenburger Mrs. Kati Ladenburger Stratton Elementary Secretary kladenburger@dcstigers.org 308.276.2281
Teaching Staff
Name Building Position E-mail Address
Mrs. Allie Behlke Benkelman Elementary 3rd Grade abehlke@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Karla Brown Mrs. Karla Brown High School Mathematics kabrown@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lacy Caddick Mrs. Lacy Caddick Stratton Elementary 1st & 2nd Grades/Special Education lcaddick@dcstigers.org
Mr. Sam Cahow High School Special Education scahow@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Jeanne Downey Mrs. Jeanne Downey Stratton Elementary 5th & 6th Grades/Special Education jdowney@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Teri Faimon Mrs. Teri Faimon Stratton Elementary Kindergarten tfaimon@dcstigers.org
Ms. Tanisha Fahrenholz Benkelman Elementary 2nd Grade tfahrenholz@dcstigers.org
Mr. Dan Fox Mr. Dan Fox High School Science dfox@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lisa Fox Mrs. Lisa Fox High School Computers & Information Technology lfox@dcstigers.org
Mr. Kris Freeland Mr. Kris Freeland High School / Benkelman Elementary Physical Education / JH Athletics kfreeland@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sherri Freeland Mrs. Sherri Freeland Benkelman Elementary Kindergarten sfreeland@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Courtney Gritzuk Benkelman Elementary Special Education/Behavioral Interventionist cgritzuk@dcstigers.org
Mr. Ben Killingsworth Mr. Ben Killingsworth High School Industrial Technology bkillingsworth@dcstigers.org
Knutsen, Vanessa Miss Vanessa Knutson High School Agricultural Education vknutson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Jessie Krug Mrs. Jessie Krug Benkelman Elementary 1st Grade jkrug@dcstigers.org
Mr. Scott Lambley Mr. Scott Lambley High School Science slambley@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Tracy Lambley Mrs. Tracy Lambley Benkelman Elementary Title I tlambley@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Jen Loker Mrs. Jen Loker High School Math & Spanish jloker@dcstigers.org
Mr. Nic Leiting High School Spanish nleiting@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Anita Marin Mrs. Anita Marin Stratton Elementary 3rd & 4th Grades amarin@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lesley Marshall Mrs. Lesley Marshall Benkelman Elementary 6th Grade lmarshall@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Tracy Peckham Mrs. Tracy Peckham High School English/Speech tpeckham@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Lori Rettele Mrs. Lori Rettele High School English/Family & Consumer Science lrettele@dcstigers.org
Mr. Tim Rettele Mr. Tim Rettele High School Business Education trettele@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Erin Ronne Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Vocal Music Education eronne@dcstigers.org
Mr. Justin Ronne High School Instrumental Music Education / Librarian/Media jronne@dcstigers.org
Mr. Kale Schields Mr. Kale Schields Benkelman Elementary Upper Elementary Math kschields@dcstigers.org
Taylor Smith Mrs. Taylor Smith High School English taylor.lutz@dcstigers.org
Mr. Michael Spargo Mr. Michael Spargo High School Weights/Physical Education mspargo@dcstigers.org
Mrs. JoLen Stamm Mrs. JoLen Stamm Benkelman Elementary 5th Grade jstamm@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Hannah Stroup Mrs. Hannah  Stroup Benkelman Elementary Pre-School hstroup@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Chelsey Sullivan Mrs. Chelsey Sullivan  Elementary Reading Specialist / Data Steward csullivan@dcstigers.org 
Mr. Matt Thomas Mr. Matt Thomas High School/Stratton Elementary Physical Education mthomas@dcstigers.org
Mr. Chris Watt Mr. Chris Watt Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Title I cwatt@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Marilyn Zarkowski Mrs. Marilyn Zarkowski High School / Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Schools Art mzarkowski@dcstigers.org
Mr. Rob Zarkowski Mr. Rob Zarkowski High School Social Studies rzarkowski@dcstigers.org
Brandon Zetocka Mr. Brandon Zetocka High School Social Studies bzetocka@dcstigers.org
Shelby Zoltenko Mrs. Shelby Zoltenko Benkelman Elementary 4th Grade Teacher szoltenko@dcstigers.org
District Staff
Name Building Position E-mail Address
Ms. Laura Bybee Ms. Laura Bybee District Nurse lbybee@dcstigers.org
Mr. Robert Castillo Mr. Robert Castillo Bus Barn Transportation Supervisor rcastillo@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Irene Gooder Benkelman Elementary Kitchen Manager igooder@dcstigers.org
Mr. Patrick Lorens Mr. Patrick Lorens High School Computer Technician plorens@dcstigers.org
  Mr. Richard Reichert District Maintenance Supervisor rreichert@dcstigers.org
Support Staff
Name Building Position E-mail Address
Mr. Bernard Andrijeski Transportation Bus Driver bandrijeski@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sharon Archer Mrs. Sharon Archer High School Special Ed. Aide sarcher@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Dean Biberstein Transportation Substitute Bus Driver  
Mrs. June Boyd Stratton Elementary Teacher Aide juboyd@dcstigers.org
Mr. Johny Castillo  Mr. Johny Castillo  District Maintenance  jcastillo@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Ricky Confer Transportation Activities Bus Driver
Mrs. Sandra Cortez Mrs. Sandra Cortez Benkelman Elementary Custodian scortez@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sandra Cortez Mrs. DeAnn Davis Benkelman Elementary Sp. Ed. Aide ddavis@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Jarrod Draper High School Custodian jdraper@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Josh Fanning High School Assistant Wrestling Coach  
Ms. Candi Haldeen  Ms. Candi Haldeen Transportation Bus Driver
Mrs. Amanda Hansen  Benkelman Elementary Library Aide ahansen@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Amanda Haskell Mrs. Amanda Haskell Benkelman Elementary Teachers Aide ahaskell@dcstigers.org
  Mrs. Barb Janousek Benkelman Elementary Special Ed Aide bjanousek@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Gustava Jardine Transportation Bus Driver
Mrs. Tami Jesch Mrs. Tami Jesch Transportation Bus Driver tjesch@dcstigers.org
Ms. Sherrie Johnson Ms. Sherrie Johnson High School Special Ed. Aide sjohnson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mrs. Kara McLain Stratton Elementary Cook kmclain@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Justin Miller Transportation Driver jmiller@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Peggy  Morris  Mrs. Peggy Morris Benkelman Elementary Kindergarten Aide pmorris@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Sue Nelms Mrs. Sue Nelms High School Special Ed. Aide snelms@dcstigers.org
  Ms. Shay Parker   Special Ed. Aide Benkelman Elementary sparker@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Justine Richardson Mrs. Justine Richardson Transportation Bus Driver jrichardson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Edna Rotherham Mrs. Edna Rotherham Benkelman & Stratton Elementary Schools / High School ESL erotherham@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Davina Sandford Mrs. Davina Sanford Transportation Bus Driver dsanford@dcstigers.org
   Mrs. Alisha Shapley   Benkelman Elementary Cook ashapley@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Julie Shillington Mrs. Julie Shillington High School & Benkelman Elementary Aide jshillington@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Mr. Jordan Stroup High School Assistant Cross country / Basketball Coach  
Ms. Lorena Valencia Mrs. Vickie Thornbrugh High School & Benkelman Elementary Kitchen Aide vthornbrugh@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Michelle Myers Ms. Lorena Valencia Stratton Elementary Custodian lvalencia@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Colleen Wilson Mrs. Colleen Wilson Transportation Bus Driver cwilson@dcstigers.org
Mrs. Peri Wissink Mrs. Peri Wissink Benkelman  Elementary Teacher's Aide pwissink@dcstigers.org
Educational Service Unit #15 Support Staff
Name Position Phone E-mail Address
Sharriea Burke sburke@esu15.org
  Kara Delano     kdelano@esu15.org
Angie Englot aenglot@esu15.org
  John Hanson     jhanson@esu15.org