Dundy County Stratton High School


Dallas Watkins, Superintendent

Mr. Jim Kent, Principal 

  Mr. Nathan Behlke Vocational Agriculture, Library/Media
  Mrs. Avery Bradney Art
  Ms. Amanda Carlson Mathematics
  Mr. Dan Fox Science
  Mrs. Lisa Fox Technology and Computers
  Mr. Kristian Freeland Social Studies
  Mrs. Diane Hughes Vocal Music
  Mr. Marty Hughes Physical Education
  Mr. Scott Lambley Science
  Mr. Gregg Loghry Instrumental Music
  Mrs. Verla Martin JH Science
  Mrs. Jean Matthews Counseling and English
  Mr. Greg McVicker Physical Education, Health
  Mr. Doug Newcomb Industrial Technology, Drivers Education
  Mrs. Peggy Parker Business Education
  Mrs. Tracy Peckham English, Speech
  Mr. William Polson Mathematics
  Mrs. Lori Rettele English, Family and Consumer Science, Annual
  Mr. Tim Rettele Special Education
  Mrs. Valerie Woods Spanish
  Mr. Bill Wilson Physical Education
  Mr. Rob Zarkowski Social Studies