Dundy County Stratton Board of Education



  • Mr. Mike Blecha
  • Mrs. Amy Haines
  • Mr. Craig Kerchal
  • Mr. Steve Krug
  • Mr. Kent Lorens
  • Mr. Mike Lutz
  • Mr. John Metzger
  • Mrs. Sandy Noffsinger
  • Mr. Shad Stamm



Board Members
  Monthly Board Meeting Minutes Archived Minutes


October 2014

The Dundy County Stratton Board of Education met in regular session on October 13, 2014 at the Dundy County Stratton High School. The following members were present: Mike Blecha, Amy Haines, Steve Krug, Mike Lutz, John Metzger, Sandy Noffsinger, and Shad Stamm.  Board members Craig Kerchal and Kent Lorens were absent.   Also present were Principal Mike Rotherham, Principal Phil Truax, Superintendent Jim Kent, and recording secretary JoAnn Decker.  Visitors were Stan Jones, Jeremy Klima from Specialized Engineering Services, Tracy Lambley, JoLen Stamm, and Bill Thornbrugh

President Stamm called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M

President Stamm stated that the board follows the Open Meetings Act Guidelines which are posted in the meeting room.  The Board of Education may enter closed session during the meeting when it determines that doing so is appropriate and is to protect the public interest and is authorized by the provisions of the Open Meeting Act.

Under public items of discussion Stan Jones addressed the Board regarding his concern on interpretation of Board policy.

Motion by Metzger seconded by Haines to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.  Consent Agenda items included to verify that notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Benkelman Post, a legal newspaper for Dundy County Stratton Schools, and by written notice to each member of the Board, the designated method of giving notice; approval of the agenda of the October 13, 2014 regular meeting; and  payment of bills.  Yes: Blecha, Haines, Krug, Lutz, Metzger, Noffsinger, and Stamm.   No: None.  Absent: Kerchal and Lorens.  Motion carried.

Jeremy Klima from Specialized Engineering Services discussed the services SES provides and options available to the Board as we move forward with the repair, renovation, or refurbishment of the Benkelman Elementary HVAC system and controls.

The board recessed at 7:00 P.M.

The board reconvened at 7:23 P.M.

Motion by Metzger seconded by Blecha to approve minutes of the September Budget Hearing and Tax Request Hearing and to amend the September 8, 2014 regular minutes as presented and to note that the changes to the tax request resolution were clerical errors, the error does not affect the tax request and does not require republication of the notice.  Yes:  Haines, Krug, Lutz, Metzger, Noffsinger, Stamm, and Blecha.  No: None.   Absent: Kerchal and Lorens.  Motion carried.

Superintendent reported on the district’s financials.

Motion by Metzger seconded by Krug to approve the financial report.

Yes: Krug, Lutz, Metzger, Noffsinger, Stamm, Blecha, and Haines.   No: None.  Absent: Kerchal and Lorens.  Motion carried.

Motion by Noffsinger seconded by Lutz to declare the 1990 Brown Ford pickup as surplus and advertise it for sale/disposal in the legally required manner.  Yes: Krug, Lutz, Metzger, Noffsinger, Stamm, Blecha, and Haines.  No:  None.  Absent: Lorens and Kerchal.  Motion carried.

President Stamm appointed Amy Haines (Chair), Kent Lorens, Sandy Noffsinger, and Mike Blecha (alternate) as the negotiations committee for 2015-2016. 

Board member Steve Krug addressed concerns he had regarding Board Policy 2009, Public Participation at Board Meetings,  Policy 4044, Staff Election Conduct (School petition protocol), and Policy 4012 Staff Internet and Computer Use.

Superintendent Kent presented the District Technology Report.  The report contained information regarding training sessions for high school teachers that were held during the September in-service; iPad Apps; 1:1 laptop pilot project, managing Apps for iPad; streaming of home athletic events; e-rate; and that DCS was accepted for Microsoft IT initiative.  Principal Rotherham reported on parent teacher conferences; Marzano training; assessment report; safety committee meeting; student activities and field trips.  Principal Truax congratulated Coach Tim Rettele and the girl’s golf team for winning the first district championship in Girl’s Golf and wished the team well at the state meet.   He also congratulated the DCS Cross Country teams.  The boy’s won the RPAC championship and the girls were runner-up last week in Alma.  He also reported on parent teacher conferences; official enrollment; area enrollment; teacher in-service; high school assessment data; reported on homecoming week; and zap lunch and study hall.  He also congratulated Peggy Parker and Lisa Fox as they were selected to present DCS High School’s model of business education to fellow educators at the Fall BMIT conference in North Platte.  Superintendent Kent reported on propane bids; natural gas supplier; the 2014 election, and the hiring of Darwin Warning as the new custodian at Benkelman Elementary.

Superintendent Kent presented the transportation report and reported the hiring of Bill Thornbrugh as a new activities driver.

Under Board items of discussion Sandy Noffsinger, Amy Haines, and Superintendent Kent reported on the Labor Relations Conference.  The Board also discussed upcoming NCSA/NASB State Education Conference, Education Committee Visioning Hearing, and Policy Makers Roundtable.



 Sandy Noffsinger, Secretary